Owner Driver Practice Diary

Up-to-date practice dates and circuit timings can be found here. We advise calling ahead of travelling to confirm as practice days occasionally have to be changed for other circuit activities, but no pre-booking is required. First time drivers should familiarise themselves with the Basic Circuit Rules and new driver information which can be viewed here.

Temporary Pause to Business Operation, No Practice Available

Our owner driver practice and testing days are generally available every Wednesday, Friday and most Sundays. All dates are published in the Practice Diary. It is advisable to ring to confirm before travelling as practice days occasionally have to be changed for other circuit activities, but no pre-booking is required.

Practice days are designed for competitors to get ready for their next race. However, drivers who do not hold a Motorsport UK licence or compete are still welcome provided that they are competent kart drivers and that they attend a short safety briefing before initially using the circuit.

Every driver must have their own safety wear which conforms to current Motorsport UK Regulations.

Karting approved Crash Helmet (Not a Motor Cycle helmet)

Racesuit (CIK-homologated type not a boiler suit)

Gloves and ankle high race boots.

It is recommended that drivers also wear a neck brace and rib-tec protector.

Whilst the minimum requirement for a general practice day is a Cadet, aged over 7 years 9 months, Bambinos aged 6+ years are welcome to the Sunday practice days as well as regular 'Bambino Hour' sessions. 

IMPORTANT: Drivers must conform to Motorsport UK class age restrictions: Bambino 6-8 years Cadet 7yrs 9mths+ Juniors 11+ Seniors 16+.

All drivers must be familiar with the circuit rules and flag signals used.

All karts must conform in all respects to current Motorsport UK/ABkC regulations.

Kart Types Allowed:

  • all 4 stroke karts including Honda Cadet, Junior Subaru, Pro Karts, TKM 4S.
  • most modern 2 stroke engine karts including Bambino, IAME, Cadets, all TAG Rotax classes, Easykarts X30 and BT82 engined classes
  • older Direct Drive Engined Karts (push-start) are NOT permitted


  • £55 per kart. (Apply for our Loyalty Card for non BMKR Club members. Pay for 8 full day sessions, get one FREE).
  • £50 per kart for Bayford Meadows Kart Racing (BMKR) Club Members 
  • £35 Weekday Half day available from 1pm only
  • £35 Weekend Half day 9am - 12pm or 1pm - 4pm.

 Normal Practice Times:

  • Cadets, Juniors + Seniors: Wednesdays + Fridays 10am - 4pm
  • Unless otherwise published, may include a break

Sundays (All Classes Including Bambino's):

  • 9am - 4pm with a lunch break from 12 - 1pm

 All sessions are marshaled by trained staff. Maximum 2 drivers per kart. Additional drivers charged at £20 per driver thereafter.